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Weight loss can be dangerous! And it’s not remotely important. Before you think I’m mad, consider this: body fat loss is what really matters. But not many explain the difference, and why it matters.

If you just focus on weight loss, you’ll starve yourself, and lose vital muscle mass. That will make you weaker. Muscle burns calories (and body fat) even at rest, so losing muscle is a very bad idea.

So if you want to get healthier and fitter, focus on losing body fat.

Details on that will follow in another post …

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Reconnect with the earth, for health and sanity

Here’s a simple way to improve your health: go barefoot as much as possible.

Sure, some folks will think you’re homeless, but who cares?

Having bare feet reconnect us with the earth, via grass, sand, or even dirt. It also feels great!

Studies have shown energy transfers that improve our health.

Surprisingly, people who live and/or exercise barefoot have fewer injuries than those who wear shoes. Even athletes!

Why? Maybe because our feet contain countless receptors which sense the ground beneath them, and adjust accordingly.

You can’t always go barefoot, so check the ground first for safety.

Start with a few minutes, build up, see how you feel.

I live most of my life barefoot, and it feels wonderful.

Don’t hide your feet, free them from captivity!

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A playful way to get healthier and fitter

Believe it or not, rebounding, or bouncing up and down on a trampoline, is really good for your health and fitness!

In just two minutes, you flush your entire lymph system, which is crucial for cleaning out cellular waste from the body.

On top of that, at the bottom of each bounce, every single cell of your body gets 1.5x to 2x G force on it, which strengthens your entire body, and not just your muscles.

At the top of each bounce, every single cell in your body is totally weightless, and gets complete and total rest. This never EVER happens in normal life! Such rest is amazingly good for health.

Because a simple bounce gives you both of these effects about 100 times a minute, it’s a superb workout. And burns fat, too.

On top of that, it’s very easy, and fun, and feels good! I usually use it as a simple meditation to relax my mind away from the computer.

Big W sells a great rebounder for $50, and they can be found elsewhere as well.

If you enjoyed trampolining as a kid, you’ll enjoy this as well. Why should kids have all the fun?

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A quick and cheap way to get very fit

Want a simple way to get REALLY fit? That takes very little time? And costs nothing?

Steps! Climb 3x a week, as fast as you can, for about 10-15 minutes. Expect to get really puffed. That’s good! It means you’re getting fitter. Steps are very high intensity, but very low impact. So you get stronger and fitter, and your joints don’t get upset. Ideal!

Skip using the lift unless you have a doctor’s certificate, or are carrying something heavy. Steps are brilliant! Hills are just as good, if you can’t find any steps nearby.

Even better: step climbing will drop body fat fast, so you’ll lose weight, and get nice and trim. That can only be a good thing!

I’m 58, and love to race up steps. There are charity skyscraper events all over the world, so look out for them! Just make sure you never run down: it’s dangerous, and very bad for your joints.

#edlovecoaching #health #fitness #steps #stairs #weightloss

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