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A quick and cheap way to get very fit

Want a simple way to get REALLY fit? That takes very little time? And costs nothing?

Steps! Climb 3x a week, as fast as you can, for about 10-15 minutes. Expect to get really puffed. That’s good! It means you’re getting fitter. Steps are very high intensity, but very low impact. So you get stronger and fitter, and your joints don’t get upset. Ideal!

Skip using the lift unless you have a doctor’s certificate, or are carrying something heavy. Steps are brilliant! Hills are just as good, if you can’t find any steps nearby.

Even better: step climbing will drop body fat fast, so you’ll lose weight, and get nice and trim. That can only be a good thing!

I’m 58, and love to race up steps. There are charity skyscraper events all over the world, so look out for them! Just make sure you never run down: it’s dangerous, and very bad for your joints.

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